Frequently Asked Questions



Q. What caliber rifle is best for hunting big whitetail bucks in Texas?
A.  Generally, any caliber larger than a .243 is adequate. 7mm/08, 270, 280, 308, and 30/06.  Magnums with medium heavy bullets work fine as well.


Q.  At what range should I sight in my rifle...?
A.   Your rifle should be sighted-in 1 inch high at 100 yards.  The average shot is about 100 yards.  We will ask you to check your sight-in prior to going out in the field.


Q.  What type of clothing should I bring for my hunt?

A.  Temperatures often vary 40 to 50 degrees from early morning till mid-afternoon.   It's best to dress in layers.  As the weather warms up you can peel them off. 

Camo or dark colored shirts, jacket, and cap is highly recommended, but not required.  We also recommend a camo face mask and gloves for your hunt.


Q.  Should I/we bring a sleeping bag for the hunt?

A.  No, we will sleep in a heated/air conditioned cabin.


Q.  How many guests can you handle at one time...?

A.  Our average hunt is 4 to 6 people.  We can arrange hunts for companies with up to 12 hunters at the Rhode Ranch.


Q.  Can I bring non-hunting guests on our hunt...?

A.  Yes, with prior arrangements we can accommodate 3 non-hunting guests per weekend.  The fee for observers is $650.00 per weekend on the Rhode Ranch.


Q. Do you have accommodations for women hunters and observers...?

A.  Yes, we have separate rooms and baths for ladies.


Q.  What other equipment do we need for our hunt...?

A.  A good pair of 8 or 10 power binoculars...a camera for harvest and camp photos...a video camera will help you capture and record the awesome sights and sounds of big mature whitetail bucks in the rut...sun glasses...scent neutralizer if you have it...prescription medicines...chap stick and sun block...soft ear plugs for shooting and deer camp sleeping...rifle least 1 full box of ammo.......All packed in a soft, small as possible, gear bag.


Q.  Can I reschedule or cancel my hunt after I have paid my deposit...?

A.  Yes, you can cancel or reschedule your hunt within 60 days of your scheduled arrival for the months of October and November...we need 90 days notice of cancellation of hunts scheduled in December and January.........We will make every effort to fill your hunting slot and up to this point we have not had to charge a cancellation fee.  


Q.  What is the minimum age for a youth hunter...?

A.  The minimum age is 16 years unless accompanied by an adult family member.


Q.  What arrangements can be made for transporting my antlers and meat...?

A. Guests who drive to the ranch usually bring a 48 quart or larger cooler for their meat.  Ranch staff will skin and quarter the meat and store it in our walk-in cooler until ready for transport.  The cape with head and antlers is handled the same way.  We can arrange to have your meat processed and shipped to you.  We are affiliated with taxidermists who will mount your trophy to your specifications and ship it to you.


Q.  Suppose I harvest my trophy on the first or second day, what other activities do the ranches offer...?

A.  We offer a variety of outdoor activities for no additional cost.  Javelina, Wild Hog Hunting, Varmit Calling, Fishing, and Trophy Buck Photo Opportunities are the most popular.


Q.  How much deposit is required to book a hunt...?

A.  We require a 50% deposit.  Repeat customers and companies can make special arrangements.


Q.  How can we contact you for more information to book a hunt...?

A.  Our e-mail address is, phone # is 361-947-4656.  Our mailing address is:



Triumph Outdoor Adventures, Inc.

501 CR 889 - Georgewest, TX  78022




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