The Rhode Ranch Of McMullen County

Ranch Owners Mike and Pam Jensen

If you have spent any time at all in South Texas, then you have probably heard of The Rhode Ranch of McMullen County. The ranch was established in 1901 and has been legendary in it’s ability to produce some of the largest whitetail bucks in the entire state year in and year out. For decades access to hunt Rhode Ranch’s monster whitetail were limited to a guest or two of the owner and even then only every few years or so. Now that’s VERY limited access.

The owners have practiced a high degree of land stewardship always trying to improve the native habitat to best suit the needs of the wildlife as well as for prime cattle grazing. Having extremely large game managed neighbors, fantastic vegetation, excellent amounts of all types of game, and possibly the best native whitetail genetics found anywhere make this 5,300 acre pasture of Rhode Ranch the absolute best hunting ranch around.

The Best!

That is a bold statement but one that is absolutely true!

Deer scoring 200″+ Boone and Crockett, having multiple drop tines, 30″+ spreads, 20+ points, and great mass circumfrences have all been harvested on The Rhode Ranch over the years.

While deer of this caliber have been harvested, in general countless other big deer have only been viewed by the owners and guests. The quanitity, quality, and condition of the deer herd is in excellent condition.

If you want to hunt the big boys you have to go where they live. You need to visit The Rhode Ranch!

This ranch has tremendous amounts of bobwhite quail, quite a few blue quail, mourning and white-winged dove, and many Rio Grande turkeys as well. The owners have limited cattle grazing over the years which has contributed to the plentiful amount of quail and turkey here. The turkeys are normally spotted in or around the creek drainages while the quail are everywhere.


Located in the renowned “624 Corridor”, the ranch is accessed via a 1 mile all weather road which extends north from F.M. 624. The entrance is approximately 4 miles west of the intersection of U.S. Highway 59 and F.M. 624. 24 miles Southwest of Georgewest. Corpus Christi is 49 miles to the East and San Antonio is 2 hours to the north. The county seat of McMullen County is Tilden which is 32 miles to the North.

Terrain & Vegitation

The ranch possesses ideal high protein browse for producing trophy caliber deer. The predominant brushes found are Granjeno, Guajillo, Guajucan, Prickly pear, Black brush, Lotebush, Catclaw, Brazil brush, Hog plum, Persimmon, and of course Mesquite. There are huge bull mesquite trees and a few hackberry trees scattered over the entire property. The brush types are essential along with good genetics in having quality deer year after year. The sandy loam soils found here are highly fertile and produce excellent broadleaf forbs and native grasses such as curly mesquite and pink pappas grass.

Rhode Ranch has some of the prettiest views around made possible by the near 100 feet of elevation change in several locations. The hills are scenic, overlooking the numerous creek drainages and valleys.